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Tony Farish founded Horizon Mud Company in 1980, and was joined the next year by his brother, Ronnie. Since that time, they have built a reputation as a top-tier service provider, assisting oil and gas operators drill and complete wells with innovation backed by outstanding customer service and high-performance chemistry. Horizon Mud Company (now known as HMC Fluids and Engineering) - brings a vast knowledge of reservoir chemistry to the industry, such as the pioneering of non-damaging reservoir products in the early 80’s and employs both Chemical and Petroleum Engineers as key assets within our organization. Our goal is simple: help our customers achieve Sustainable Oil & Gas Extraction™ utilizing agri-sourced chemistry.

Tony and Ronnie served the company until 2021 with Tony as CEO and Ronnie as COO. In 2021 Luke Blackwell was promoted to the CEO. The leadership transition positioned Tony and Ronnie to mentor a new generation of oil and gas entrepreneurs in the pursuit of truly sustainable, high-performance chemistry while maintaining a legacy of first-class customer service. The transition also positioned the company to evolve its service offering beyond traditional drilling fluids with a new name and new look – HMC Fluids and Engineering.

Our mission is to be a reliable and trusted service partner to our customers and to create value added while always adhering to our principles and values. It is the intent of HMC to continue to deliver a level of service consistent with our company’s core values of honor, hard work and humility. 

It is in our nature to provide consistent and esteemed service through integrity, accountability, and honesty. It is our culture to value the input of employees and customers alike as we strive for excellence, understanding and opportunities for improvement. We are proud to serve customers throughout the United States, including those in Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Mississippi, Wyoming, and our home state of Texas.


We don’t build service on the “cheapest sack model”, but on a system of value where prices are competitive and fair. We believe that every customer deserves focused attention, consistent service, strong leadership, and a dedicated team that truly cares about every project and every well.

And we deliver.


We are an extension of your team. Our organization is structured to put our entire team to work on your project. Your experience with our team is consistent no matter where your well is located. Whatever it takes to achieve your goal, we do it.

Whatever it takes, we do it.


Standardized daily reports are consistently taken from the wellsite to keep your team in a loop of communication that supports and assists the Fluid Technician in the field. This loop includes your Operations Team via emailed reports and/or daily teleconference with field and office personnel. Effective responses with clear and concise recommendations.

We’re always on.


We believe in modeling the expectations of those whom we lead. A culture of excellence, transparency, initiative, and integrity is what drives HMC. Our “all-hands-on-deck” approach, complete transparency and consistent communication every step of the way has proven successful at avoiding and solving problems time and time again.

Time and time again.


Our reputation is paramount to our success and we are proud to continue the HMC family legacy of always doing the right thing; with honor and integrity.

100% of the time.


Proactive instead of reactive, we strive to lead our industry in keeping our employees, our customers, and the public, safe when it comes to oil and gas operations and daily activities.

Safety FIRST.


 Our innovative approach toward the wellbore has resulted in the introduction of numerous products, practices, patents, and services that are now being used throughout the industry. Backed by the latest advancements in drilling engineering software, coupled with technical experts in the areas of chemistry, agriculture, and fluid dynamics, HMC is positioned to be your technical leader.

We are pioneers.

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