Sustainable Drilling Fluids for Midland, TX & the Surrounding Areas

For over 43 years, drilling fluids has been the core of our business at HMC. Innovation is the hallmark of our drilling fluids products and service is the backbone of our success, resulting in four decades of tradition, experience, technology, and commitment to our customers. At HMC Fluids and Engineering, our team is proud to offer Green Reservoir Extraction™ consulting and engineering support services regarding technology for clean, sustainable, agri-sourced, water-based drilling fluids as well as proven, trusted, and dependable oil-based (non-aqueous) solutions. In addition to our high-performance drilling fluids, we've also created density-reducing completion fluids to help companies during wellbore drill-out and clean-out operations. Based in Midland, TX, we provide our innovative drilling fluids to customers throughout Odessa, TX; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Fort Worth, TX; Oklahoma City, OK; Jal, NM; Carlsbad, NM; Denver, CO; and Cheyenne, WY. Contact us today to learn more about our systems!

The rules have changed, and HMC Fluids and Engineering has responded. Introducing HMC’s Master ClearFluid System®, HMC’s revolutionary high performance, agriculturally sourced, clean, sustainable, and responsible, water-based drilling fluid. Operators have historically been challenged to find a balance between profitability, safety, governance, and stewardship of our natural resources. The innovative answer is here!

The Master ClearFluid System® combines the performance and characteristics of a traditional non-aqueous fluid (lubricity and inhibition) with the benefits of an eco-friendly and safe, water-based system. Derived from U.S. based agricultural products and blended with HMC’s innovative and patented chemistry, the Master ClearFluid System® has proven to be the successor to oil-based products. By reducing disposal costs, reducing the number of trucks on the road and by setting a new standard of health, safety, and environmental practices, Master ClearFluid® is here to stay. Sure, the rules have changed, but HMC Fluids and Engineering has changed the game.

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Quality Products at Competitive Pricing.

HMC Fluids and Engineering is an industry leader in providing specialty products for challenging projects. Our 43+ years of experience has not only allowed us to partner with a broad network of “best in class” product suppliers but allowed us to think outside the box in development of patented chemical solutions, lubricants, lost circulation materials, and other industry leading fluid additives. When it comes to drilling Fluid Lightening™ (i.e. density reduction) technology, HMC Fluids and Engineering is UNMATCHED in our application of our HFL™ and HFL-GREEN aphron systems.

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We are proud to serve customers throughout the United States, including those in Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Mississippi, Wyoming, and our home state of Texas. Get in touch today with any questions, or to get to know our team better. 

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