Introducing the Evolution of Wellbore Completion Fluids!

HMC Fluids and Engineering has done it again! We are excited to bring to the industry the latest advancements in density reducing (Fluid Lightening™) technology! Introducing HFL™ and HFL-GREEN; agriculturally sourced, environmentally friendly, biodegradable1, and sustainable solutions to effectively lower the density of your base fluid during wellbore drill-out and clean-out operations. The use of aphrons (micro-bubbles) has been applied within the oil and gas industry for over 20 years, but ONLY HMC’s patent pending process combined with our proprietary surfactants has been able to consistently provide extremely low densities without pump cavitation. Loss of circulation can be both costly and time-consuming!

Traditionally, the use of nitrogen has been the standard for mitigation of fluid losses during completion operations. HFL™ and HFL-GREEN, now provide operators with a cost effective and PROVEN alternative. No more nitrogen membrane units! No more trucking of gaseous nitrogen! With over 1,000 successful applications of HFL™ and HFL-GREEN, call HMC Fluids and Engineering today to learn more!

1Manufactured to meet the OECD 301B Standard.

Innovative. Reliable. Proven.

Through extensive laboratory testing to ensure the highest level of reservoir fluid compatibility, HMC’s HFL™ system is designed for use in depleted and low reservoir pressure applications. By chemically reducing the base fluid density, the HFL™ system can be tailored to achieve extremely low target densities while requiring less equipment than traditional nitrogen injection. Blended with our proprietary polymers, the HFL™ system creates a low shear rate viscosity (LSRV) fluid to provide superior hole cleaning with minimal fluid invasion, and to reduce the number of required “clean-up” cycles.

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